Welcome to Notes from R…

My heart lives here.
My life lives here.
My hope and all I hold dear is interwoven through the notes on these pages.
Here you will find my story – some beautiful and some heartbreaking.

I pray that you are encouraged, inspired, challenged and changed. I hope through my story you are more sure of who you are and the plans and purposes of your life and legacy.

Lets visit a while – better still lets catch up! Id love to help you and your team find all the beauty thats  in the periphery of all the pain!

With my very warmest  everything (hugs, regards, love and blessings)




Rachel is a gifted communicator who layers her presentations with the  current, historical, statistical and personal.  Rachel is authentic, yet well prepared and has spoken on panels, in prisons, in mainstream radio and television and now hosts her own video interview series.

The  ‘Notes from Rachel’ Interviews invite you to the (virtual)  table to hear well-known Women Leaders discussing the beauty in the periphery of their painful moments.  Well known for her role throughout the past 5+ years as Media Spokesperson for Foster Carers,  Rachel has demonstrated her heart, motives and agenda is to speak out for those who cant speak for themselves and to champion victims, survivors and overcomers.

Rachel looks forward to discussing the things that are close to your heart and building strength, resilience and perspective into your team.






Interviews: lyndal redman

Meet Lyndal! Lyndal has been behind the camera for more than 15 years and has put together the pictures for many of the shows and stories you love. Lyndal loves telling real stories by real people – and she does this oh so well! 
This month Lyndal bravely and beautifully steps out from behind the camera to speak with me about her heartbreaking experience with miscarriage. You will be completely undone as you hear her transparently, vulnerably  and generously share how she is still journeying through her loss and into healing and acceptance. Rx 
‘The emotional toll from a traumatic event can be devastating not only for you and your partner, but also for those that are closest around you.  People grieve differently and find ways to deal with their emotions, there is no set time frame for recovery and for some it can take a long time, however it is important to understand that you are not alone and there are support services available to help you and your partner navigate this emotional process.’ via pregnancylossaustralia.org.au

Interviews: Kate earl

MumKind Founder Kate Earl is effervescent and infectious. Kate loves, lives and breathes beauty into all she touches and every role she plays in her life. 

In 2014 the joy and delight Kate experienced as a second time mother was set against a backdrop of hard and heartbreak. Kate describes this time and how her upbringing, grounding and mindset determined that not only was she and her world going to come out stronger: she was going to gift kindness and ‘small things with great love’  in any and every way she knew how.

It was a delight to have a real and raw conversation about  navigating the beauty and enormity of motherhood with Kate. It was also wonderful to relay the delight Ive seen firsthand by recipients of Mumkind’s generosity, and to honour Kate for the worth and value she and Mumkind have placed on recipients that have been under resourced.

Welcome to the second Notes from R Interview with Kate Earl. Rx

INTERVIEWS: Rachael leahcar

Rachael Leahcar is well-known as one of Australias Vocal Darlings thanks to her shoot to fame on Reality TV Series ‘The Voice’. Rachael was a finalist in this competition and has had a singing career spanning 9 years. Rachael talks about the private pain that strengthened her resolve to throw herself into this competition and life and how she has smashed her goals and dreams despite her vision impairment. Youre going to love Rachael, she is as sweet, humble, generous, kind and funny as her countenance radiates. But she is gritty and strong; a quick thinker and always paying it forward and back. Welcome to the first Notes from R Interview with Rachael Leahcar. Rx